Sunday, November 25, 2007

into the mist

Today was interesting.

I got to the church and the first person that I saw was Marlee, which is always a welcome sight. I went over to my nursery which is usually pretty hectic and I found out that I was the only person to be in there for the morning... ick. I mean I hang out with kids all morning. Seriously. But when there are more than 5 of the rug rats running around things get a little crazy when you're by yourself. As I'm thinking this and just starting to get a little frazzled I heard a familiar voice. Dorothy was there to drop off Landry. Now let me tell you something about this little girl, I have known her since she was months old, I have been babysitting her since she was 13 months, she is my angel. Landry is like the sweet kid that makes the whole day and all of the other kids that are horrible and loud and obnoxious worth it. Beyond that, one of my favorite moms Melanie, was the volunteer for my room.

I got a second this morning while Landry was sitting in my lap when I got to look around the room. I saw some of the greatest people in my life running and playing, I saw Melanie playing and reading books to the little ones and the joy on her face was radiant. I saw my precious girl watching our favorite veggie tales on tv, holding her blanket and drinking her favorite pink milk. In that moment I saw God.

I saw what he undoubtedly wanted me to get out of this morning, to see the glorious simplicity in life and the untold joy to be had in the moment.

Now to segway into something completely different. Marlee and I got to hang out, that in itself was awesome not to mention a miracle, and we ended up in walmart and at the lake. The lake experience I will now share with you.

This was literally in the mist of a coming storm. It was really gorgeous out there this evening. Again another way I see God.

Alas, it is rather late, and I am tired and since break is now over it will be extraordinarily hard for me to pull myself out of bed. Until next time!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

ah, the beginning

Ah well Marlee, you will be pleased to know that I have indeed followed in your footsteps and gotten this. Yes everyone, I have navigated away from my old days of Xanga and have joined the ranks of said Blogger.

Naturally since this post, being the first one, I won't divulge into deeply... simply because there is a fire beside of me, I have just made a fresh pot of coffee... 90 weight if I say so myself, and my book is positievely screaming for me.

Until next time my dears...