Saturday, January 10, 2009

oh how life goes on.

I have found that as I spend more time with my friend Zac the more I like "popular" music. Liiiike "Let it Rock" & "Miss Independent".

I mean... wtf?

For real ya'll, it cracks me up because I am all about some metal. I don't like rap or much R&B but here I am listening to this mess and enjoying it. Zac takes great pride in the fact that he alone can get me to listen to this stuff.

Whatev, Zac. Whatev.

I babysat two of my favorite kids last night. Before the parents left I was talking with their mom and she was telling me of some things happening in their lives... very similar to what is going on with my folks. It makes me feel better to know that the things going on at my house aren't the only place they're happening.

My brother has decided to dred his hair, and he looks hilarious right now. Taylor came over tonight and got it all set up and now he looks like Medusa. Naturally I'm right there to give him a hard time about the whole thing. I think he'll look pretty kick-a with his new look. He's pretty cool like that.

I have taken a job at Long's teaching the 4 year old class. I'm really nervous and really excited about the whole thing. I think it'll be a blast, that age group is so much fun. I also have a lot of support, not only here at home, but also at the church. It's so nice to hear people encourage me and say "I'm here for whatever you need!". I need that in my life. I'm going on Monday to observe a bit and see which kids can handle what and how the general atmosphere is in the room. I'm really excited to take on this challenge!

I think my grandfather may be dying too. My mom is heading to FL this week to see how he is doing. I'll keep you updated, just keep us in your prayers.

That's all I can muster tonight.
Hasta Luego!