Thursday, April 3, 2008

i like...

Lately I like:
-wearing Birkenstocks with no socks
-wearing Chuck Taylors with tie-die shirts
-wearing Rainbows with sweaters
-spending time with old friends I haven't seen in months, sometimes years
-talking with friends about life, sex, God, faith, boys, problems, ducks...yes ducks
-the rain
-minnie mouse
-the color gray
-celtic knot earrings
-spending time with the most random people I know
-listening to William Fitzsimmons, Damien Rice, and Disturbed
-hanging with my brother
-making marketing ads for class
-thinking about the future
-new blossoms on trees
-skipping class
-staying up late and getting up early
-concealer for the bags under my eyes
-spending more time at panacea
-clean sheets that smell like lavender
-left over chocolate easter eggs
-life is good shirts
-drinking coffee wait, I always like drinking coffee.

that's all. well i mean not all. but that is all for now.

see you soon?