Monday, March 9, 2009

it's about time i wrote something down.

It's been a while, let's catch up.

Since my last post a lot has been happening. A lot personally and professionally.

I started teaching the 4 & 5 year old class and I'm excited to say that I really enjoy it. It was soooo much more of a challenge than I expected what with lesson plans, tantrums, and whatnot. But, I must say the reward of it all is far outweighs the battles. I've begun teaching them what little Spanish I know and it's so amazing for me when I ask what a color is en espanol and someone blurts out "Azul", "Rojo", "Verde"! I clearly don't have kids yet but it's a privilege to work with these sweet little ones for the short time that I have them.

Today I realized how much they teach me sometimes! I mean yes, I am just like them in many ways except for bills and the fact that I'm a little bit taller. They show me things on a daily basis that just blow me away -- today I put dominoes, colored bears, and letter magnets on our tables. The first thing they did was jump right in and they began to make shapes and patterns. Then they got all crazy with the dominoes, I showed them how to make a long line and push them over, which they loved. I got busy with the girls making patterns and all of the sudden I looked down and the boys had dominoes lined up in swirly patterns everywhere! They took it so much further than I expected, we had the best time setting them up and knocking them down.

We've also begun to play musical chairs, they love it. I've noticed that when one of them get "out" rather than get sad and act like a bad sport they shrug it off and wait until the next game. It's so great to see that, it reminds me of how we should be in life. To not sweat the small things. Chalk it all up to a learning experience and move on.

I've been with Scott for about 3 months, the best 3 months actually. I'm slowly working through a lot of my old issues and the brick wall of Jericho is finally (even if very slowly) coming down. It's very encouraging to have someone in my life who loves me fully - he doesn't get frustrated with my inability to express how I feel sometimes, rather he sits with me quietly and patiently. He also brings me joy - no matter the situation. If I'm sad he brings me daisies, if I'm frustrated he lets me vent, if I'm happy he celebrates with me, if I'm quiet he sits with me. I think I understand now what it means to fully be loved and cherished by someone. Yes, I know, I'm 22 and this is only a 3 month old relationship. I am very well aware of how absurd this may sound to some of my more jaded friends, however, I am so so very happy. Much more than I ever anticipated being with anyone. All I can do is thank God for finally sending someone worth while my way and pray it leads me where He wants me to be.

We had the most amazing snow... like a week ago. Of course, now it's in the 70's. Whatever, life is random like that sometimes. Anyways - I got out with my family and played, it was the best time ever! We made snow angels, a snow man named Jack, Nathan started a snowball fight, we went sledding. I mean it was basically amazing, I'm going to need at least one more great snow before the end of the season... come on March! Show me the lion in ya!

I'm pretty much really excited about spring and St. Patrick's day. The kids and I have been talking about spring and all the fun things we can do when it comes - we're flying kites tomorrow. I mean how cool is that?! We're also talking about what kind of green food we want on St. Patrick's day. Ha! I've gotten them used to bagpipes and folk dance so we can rock the house down when the day comes! I honestly can't wait, it'll be amazing.

This is all I have time for now so I'll leave you with some pictures: