Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodness me, it's May

Okay, let's start at the beginning:

Scott and I broke up. I won't go into the gory details, the bottom line is that we broke up. To be honest, I'm relieved that it happened. I certainly cared for him, I thought that things were vastly different than they were. Alas. I suppose we go through things like that in order to grow, I wish there was another way sometimes to be tried and tested.

I thought about going and taking down the posts that involve him, but I decided that it's part of my history and something that is shaping me so I think I'll leave them. At the very least it's a reminder of something to be leery of.

Another big thing is that Logan and I are officially friends again.


Yeah, I know. I found out that there was a chance of him being deployed and God put it on my heart to send him a message saying that I hope he was safe and that I'd be praying for him. Turns out he's not being deployed and that opened up a door for us to find closure from serious wounds and brought us to our friendship.

I went riding with him yesterday on his motorcycle, it was really fun. It was also really nice that we could go and do that with no pressure and no drama. All I've been able to think is that life is certainly an interesting game of cards. Things that I never thought were possible have been happening. I've gotten closure from the most hurtful of experiences.

I will try to update once again this evening as I'll be with Whitford (holla back!) but for now I'm off to the church!

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Sir Round Sound said...

God will work it all out 4 ya!

Don't be a stranger btw- i be following you on twitter, but you ain't followin back?! where da luv?